Top 5 Most-Watched Grace City Sermons on YouTube

Top 5 Most-Watched Grace City Sermons on YouTube

by Brooklyn Eisenhard, Vector Intern
One of the coolest things about God's Word is that no matter how many times we've read it or heard it preached, we can always learn something new from it!  It also doesn't matter how old a Sunday sermon is. They often present timeless ways to focus on what the Bible says and how it should apply its truth to our everyday lives. Here are the five most-watched sermons on YouTube from Grace City Pastors.

The popularity of these particular sermons should give us all some insight into the types of questions YouTube viewers are asking. And—for those of us who've been around Grace City for a while—they certainly give us some trips down memory lane.

At #5 (with 4.7K views) the first on our list is The Most Important Issue in Marriage.  

The most important issue in marriage may not be what you think. In this sermon, Pastor Josh kicks off the Marriage Strong series with a word for singles and marrieds about the single greatest thing determining the health of any marriage. Click on the video above to watch!

Next on the most-viewed list, at #4 (with 7.3K views), is Zephaniah: Repent, Rejoice (Repeat).

Want to know what God's Word says about repenting and rejoicing in hard times? Well, you have come to the right place. In this sermon, Pastor Adam covers just that with a timely example from Zephaniah.   

Coming in at #3 (with 9.8K views): The Gospel & Singleness

The Bible covers and is relevant in considering all topics, even the topic of singleness. In this oldie-but-a-goodie, a young Pastor Josh unpacks what God has to say about it through Paul's first letter to the Corinthians.

#2 (with 17K views!) is How Do I Deal With My Dysfunctional Family?  

Do you have—or do you know someone who has—family members who are harder to get along with? Difficult? Dysfunctional, even? The Bible has answers for you!  In this popular sermon, Pastor Josh covers just how to deal with dysfunction in any family. 

And at #1 on our list of the most-viewed sermons on YouTube (with a whopping 47K views!!) is Divorce, Remarriage & The Gospel.

What does the Bible have to say about divorce and remarriage?  In this sermon, Pastor Josh discusses these topics through a biblical lens.  Click the video above to watch the whole sermon.
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