The Power of Noble Women

The Power of Noble Women:
The 2023 Made Conference Reached Wenatchee And Far Beyond

The Grace City Church house was FILLED with the excited chatter and warmth of 816 women at this month's Made Conference. That's 816 mothers and daughters and grandmothers and aunts and nieces and sisters. That's hundreds of Wenatchee Valley families represented...and others from around the country. Surely, more hugs were given, more tasty drinks shared, more words of encouragement spoken, more prayers lifted, more hearts of women realigned to the heart of the Lord in living out the truly noble calling of being a woman in one place on that day than anywhere else in the nation.

And you're invited to be praying the Lord will continue to use that glorious day and its momentum to ripple out His blessings to positively impact individuals, homes, workplaces, communities, and outward, to the very ends of the earth.


Fun Conference Stats

— Our registration page was viewed 7,171 times!

— More than 800 women attended!

— We had attendees from Virginia, Texas, Hawaii, Oregon, Idaho, and a whole bunch from across Washington State!

— 135 attendees are from other churches!

— At least 30 attendees don’t attend church regularly!

— The attendee list was printed and our Noble Women Doorholder Team prayed over the entire campus and for each woman and girl by name on Friday night!

— Thanks to the generous giving of our church family, 98 women were able to attend by scholarship!

The Photos 😍

Click on the incredible images below to view a printable version.

We Are Warriors — We Help Bravely
We Are Gardeners — We Nurture Carefully
We Are Teachers — We Make Intentionally
We Are Daughters — We Love Lavishly

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