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The Art of Friending

In case you missed the sermon or need a quick reminder, here is a fast and easy overview of each point and reference.

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Devo: Throw a Party for Jesus S2 E7

Let’s be honest. Levi was a dirtbag. Tax Collectors were traitors. Greedy, swindling, lying, no good, despised… you get the point. They were in cahoots with the Roman government to collect an agreed upon tax, that only they and the authorities knew...

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Devo: Roof Crashers! S2 E6

It’s not uncommon to hear people lament about their experience in church growing up as…“boring.” This particular day in Capernaum would not have been boring. And the truth is simple…

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Devo: Missing The Point S2 E8

Stop and think about who had the problem with Jesus. It wasn’t the prostitutes or the pagans. It was almost always the church-going, religious, rule-keeping, rule-making, self-righteous Pharisees...

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