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Family Summer Reading List 2019

I come from a reading family. Many of my favorite memories revolve around us all piled on my parent’s bed or sprawled around the living room as we read aloud before bed. To this day, my siblings and I can still get into heated conversations about the books we experienced together as children.

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Staff Summer Reading List

Summer is a great time to change things up a bit. We find it's also a great time to change up what you read. Need some ideas of good books? Here you'll find almost every genre from leadership to theology, from history to personal development. So take a look, pick one (or five!) that look good and start reading!

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Too Busy? Listen to This

Sometimes I’m thankful for technology. Sometimes not. But one of the greatest online services I’ve personally benefited from is I’ve always had a desire to read more. I love books. But when life is busy, I tend to become...

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